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Manager of Game Mods

Nexus Mods Manager is a utility freeware created by Robin Scott. The game mod manager helps players to manage every mod they have installed on their PC games. It supports most of the well-known PC games in the market.

The Community Behind Nexus Mods

The Nexus Mod website is a community of modern PC video game fans. It hosts a community of mod creators and fans sharing the same interests. The website acts as a middleman where it helps mod developers to publish their game mods, as well as fans download the mods. They can also engage in discussions about gaming, modding and even programming. Most of the mod developers make mods for video games that are considered as “off-the-shelf” from local game stores.  They even share their works for free so that other players can download and play them. Each mod is specified for a respective game. Most of the mod developers utilize tools like Software Development Kit or SDK to alter the games. This allows them to add a lot of contents just like an actual game developer.

The video game modding community grows larger as modding becomes mainstream. It encourages the sharing of plug-ins among fans and users. Some game developers are willing to open up their games to everyone as mod developers release free SKD with their games. Mods are stored in plug-in files for convenient sharing with others. Some of the issues that modding confronts are the owner of the mods and games, the electronics consumption law, the end-user license agreement by other games and crossing two intellectual properties without the consent of the owners. Mod developers release their works for free to avoid copyright infringement. The modding community meanwhile does the donation so that the Nexus Mod website stays afloat. Premium accounts are available for faster and prioritized downloading.

Extension of the Online Modding Platform

Nexus Mod Manager provides convenient management of mods for popular PC game titles. It lets them download, install and update every local mod file. Users can seamlessly navigate in their game’s local folder through an intuitive user interface. It connects with the Nexus Mod website that ensures a very efficient modding process. One of the most prominently modded video games in this utility software is the open-ended game The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Fans would add new, fun, ridiculous and helpful mods. Some of the mods for Oblivion are bug fixes, game mechanics overhaul, new magical abilities, exotic locations, combat maneuvers, high-resolution texture packs, cleaner game user interface, weather effects, and unique boss monsters.

This software comes with an integrated download manager. Users can finally pause and resume their downloading so that their mods are completely saved to their computers. It has a mod manager for complete control which mods are activated or disabled. Any incomplete installation is handled by the clean mod installation feature. The advantage of being freeware is that it possesses a copy-left GPL license which guarantees protection and security for users against viruses.

Making PC Games Way Better

Nexus Mod Manager can enhance the experience of PC gamers by adding fan-made contents that other gamers can’t enjoy with their gaming consoles. Users can manage every single mod on their computer conveniently.


  • Open-source mod manager
  • Intuitive user interface with fast navigation
  • Integrated download manager
  • Constant game adjustments and enhancements


  • Requires Nexus Mod website account
  • Requires knowledge about coding
  • May not be compatible with other computers
  • Not all gaming titles are included for modding

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Nexus Mods Manager


Nexus Mods Manager for PC

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